Arioch Wentworth

from New Forest, England, Nicknamed “The Poet”


Born: January 21, 1991

Description: 6’ lean build, curly light brown hair, green eyes, sometimes wears glasses for reading and working on the computer since he is naturally far-sighted, high cheekbones, aristocratically good-looking

Education: In his third year at Oxford getting a classical education: Major: Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic; Minor: Literature, Humanities, Science, Math,

Languages: English and Latin (part of his classical education)

Athletics: Polo, Cricket, Swimming

Mental: Highly intelligent (Logic/Deductive Reasoning is his specialty)

Social: Always stately even if he wears grungy clothes; British stoicism, not vivacious

Physical: Good stamina, normal strength and dexterity

Abilities: Politics, Deductive reasoning, Reading, Writing, research, debate, drive in Europe, Etiquette, Computer, Finance (Real Estate), Herbs

Inabilities: Other than managing money to turn a profit with the focus on real estate and politics, he is unqualified to do any real world anything

Father – Earl Tobias Wentworth, House of Lords, Convenor of the Crossbench Peers, 44 yrs old, looks very much like Arioch but with dark brown eyes and dark curly hair, British conservative in finance but reformed thinker. Plays polo with the upper class and soccer with the local team. The other players nicknamed him the “Quiet Earl.”

Mother: Catherine (Simpson maiden name) American Wiccan from FL, middle class, 41, strawberry blond, hazel eyes, naturally beautiful, formerly on school’s swim team; because of her husband’s money owns New Age stores in London and Lyndhurst,

Sister – Evangeline, 5 years younger than Ari, suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, has trouble socializing with people other than family. An extreme affinity for animals. At the age of 11, the family discovered that she was so in tune with horses that they let her get a show horse. She won awards a couple years later with her horse Twilight. They nicknamed Eva “Dancer” because she can make a horse dance.

Grandparents: Paternal – Alive and they travel, maternal – hippies but they don’t get along with his parents considers his mother a sell-out

Family Residence: Pembry Downs:

The Estate has a live in staff of six: butler, groundskeeper, cook who helps with cleaning, full time maid and a handyman who acts as a driver if needed. They have a live in vet who cares for the animals but also works in a clinic as time permits and helps with the horses. Because of Catherine’s influence, every evening the staff joins the family at meal time.

Vehicles of the Estate – All Wentworth originally owned and passed down: 1995 Corvette manual transmission which Ari sometimes drives 2009 Z4 Hardtop Convertible – Tobias’ car 1998 Harley sportster – Catherine’s motorcycle 1951 Bentley 2000 Rolls Royce – family vehicle 1981 Humvee – army style (for bad weather seriously) 1990 Van 1967 Jaguar XKE 1974 Jaguar XJ12 1969 – Chevy Truck

Though the family is worth many millions, they live modestly compared to their US counterparts. Instead of flashy designers, a tailor makes fashionable quality clothing for far less. Instead of buying a new car a year, they own several which are older but maintained. They own a great deal of property in London and various parts of England that have been paid off for many generations which is rented out and managed. They own two farms, one near the estate and one north of London. Those funds end up in the family coffers. The Wentworths have attended Oxford since it was founded and hence own property nearby. Education is important to them as well as conservation of the family fortune for future generations.


Background and Seminal Moments of Arioch’s Life

In 1987 Catherine Simpson won a trip to England and toured London during her summer break after completing year one of her degree. While there, she bumped into Tobias Wentworth who also enjoyed his summer break after completing his Bachelor’s Degree at Oxford. Though the two were vastly different, they hit it off and eloped not long after. Tobias convinced her to transfer to Oxford and they moved into his flat near the school where he began to earn his doctorate. At Oxford, she switched her degree to business and accounting since she had a knack for it. Just after graduating she gave birth to Arioch six months after a public wedding.

During Arioch’s childhood, he attended Pocklington School. After school, he would stay at his mom’s shop where he would help sort the teas and crystals. This gained him a familiarity with everything new age. Though he didn’t believe in the crystals and rituals later in life, he subscribed to the Eastern philosophy of herbal remedies for most of what ails you and Western medicine when it came to the more serious illnesses: an idea directly from his mother.

For his most formative years, his mother held the greatest influence for him and attachment. Lady Catherine Wentworth gave new meaning to the lady-ship. Instead of parading around on her husband’s arm throwing tea parties, she audited the Wentworth business holdings. Mostly, she did this from her shops or home using her computer. For her shops, she hired capable honest managers so she had the time to do this and had plenty of free time for herself and family. Eventually, British society accepted her despite rumors of her being a witch. After all, they couldn’t ignore her during her bi-weekly trips to the spa, her one wealthy vice. Nor could they ignore the fact that her uniqueness made her an interesting party guest.

More than his father, his mum spent time with Ari and his sister helping him with his homework, teaching him to swim, caring for him when he was ill or had a boo boo. Foremost, he turned to his mother when he had problems. Basically, he was a mama’s boy for a long time.

When he was five he gained a sister, Evangeline (Eva). At the age of three, they said she had Asperger’s Syndrome which explained her slightly odd behavior. Since she had difficulty socializing with her peers, he babysat and played with her. Her behaviorisms never bothered him nor did the fact that she got slightly more attention from his parents. Though a bright child, his paternal grandparents tended to favor him over her because she was strange. This caused a slight but palpable rift in the family but the estate was large enough that they kept separate wings.

After attending the Church of England semi frequently with his father and several Wiccan festivals with his mother, spiritually, Arioch embraced Christianity over Wicca but acknowledged certain aspects of it. Once he told his mother, he worried that she would be upset with him. That Monday after school, the twelve year old went to his mom’s shop Razz Matazz to help out and do his homework. Amongst the tea that he stocked, he found a gift box addressed to him. Inside, he found a crystal cross made of Black Tourmaline, a protection crystal that his mum handcrafted. “You’re not mad at me for my choice?”

Catherine brushed back a tendril on her long strawberry blond hair. “Of course not, your father is Christian and I knew that before I married him. Why do you think I wouldn’t accept it in you?”

Arioch shrugged and put the necklace on. “This is just like father’s but his is made of Kunzite.”

“And Kunzite is for?”

Ari blushed. “Oh mum, I know kunzite means.”

Until his twelfth year, Ari never saw true anger from his father. During his childhood, his father was the man who quietly ate dinner with the family while everyone chatted; the one whose dulcet deep voice read him and his sister bedtimes stories as children and who was there often but always behind a reserved demeanor. Even when Ari got into trouble for this or that which wasn’t often, his father would glare at him and scold him with a raised voice. About six times in Ari’s life, his father spanked him but never with an angry attitude, just a glare and the twitch of his jaw. After a sound scolding, his father bent him over his knee and spanked him three times. Arioch learned his lesson.

Because of his mum’s activism in helping animals, the family helped the rescues by taking in all abused, neglected or abandoned horses. Normal shelters didn’t have the means or space to care for them. Since the Wentworth stables could house a dozen horses and they only owned three to start, they maintained an open door policy and kept the horses indefinitely. Often local supply stores donated extra or expiring food and supplies to their care and feeding.

When Ari was twelve, he was riding his mum’s horse, Ness, while his sister played in the garden trying to find bunnies. The other horses who roamed freely seemed agitated. Ness ignored Ari’s urgings to gallop to the field and instead took him in the opposite direction. As they rode up, Ari saw the very big brawny male gardener trying to do the bad touch on his sister. In the blink of an eye, he whipped the man twice with his riding crop. Quickly he helped Eva onto Ness and trotted off. Immediately he saw his father returning home. The other horses galloped towards his father’s car as well.

“Father, the new gardener was trying the bad touch on Eva so I hit him.”

Tobias saw his son crying holding a bloody riding crop with his daughter in a state of semi-undress and knew the truth. The other horses charged towards the garden to intercept the gardener’s car so he couldn’t leave. Blissbug, his Polo horse, kneeled so Tobias could mount him bareback and charged to the car.

Though the gardener had several inches and fifty pounds of muscle over his father, Ari watched as his father beat the crap out of the pedophile with fast and furious punches and kicks. Eventually his mom brought the two children inside and the servants pulled Tobias off the gardener before he killed him. After all was said and done, his sister’s examination proved he arrived in time. The family sought counseling with his sister receiving the most.

A few months later on Ari’s thirteenth birthday, his father walked the grounds with him towards the stables. His father hugged him. “I’m very proud of you for protecting your sister. That’s something a man does. So it seems that you’re well on your way to becoming a man.” His father opened the stable doors. “A man deserves his own horse.”

Out trotted a Blood Bay yearling. Ari petted his near red coat and noted his ebony mane and tail. “He’s beautiful Father.” Polo horses required the speed of a thoroughbred, the intelligence of an Arabian, and the agility of a quarter horse. The horse contributed about eighty percent of the player’s effectiveness. Ari played polo in the junior league which only let them play with small docile ponies. In the adult leagues, his father rode a hot-blood while most players rode warm-bloods. Only his father could make a hot-blood less temperamental but maintain their speed, stamina while using their superior intelligence to win matches.

“He’s yours. He’ll grow to between fifteen and sixteen hands and is from the finest stock.”

“But I can’t mount him until he’s three,” Ari countered. Two years away, that was the age when he reached full growth.

“And you’re not allowed to play in the club until you’re sixteen,” his father replied. “Foremost you need to bond with him. The club trainer will come by and work with you and your colt while I train you on Blissbug.”

Blissbug’s, his father’s seven year old stallion, a hot blood because of his breeding and temperament nudged Tobias several times until he petted him. The ebony stallion with a white diamond on his forehead only let Tobias ride him because he bonded with him when he was a colt. Ness, mum’s horse was his father’s horse as well but was only eighteen but too old now for the rigors of polo but docile enough now for his mum and him to ride. Even when the horses got old, his father kept them and cared for them. In case of a fire, they never locked the stables, leaving the dogs and geese to deter intruders. Cotton, Buttons, Blue and Lace started nudging Tobias as well.

“Will Blissbug let me ride him?”

“Of course he will because I asked him nicely. Also, he promised to turn down the heat several degrees.” Tobias fed each of the horses some sugar cubes.

Ari took a couple of sugar cubes from his father and fed them to his yearling. “Vale, I’m naming him Vale.”

Over the years, he and Vale bonded tightly and played a lot of polo. The other players admired his father’s abilities calling him Houdini citing that it seemed like Tobias and Blissbug read each other’s minds and protected each other from injury because they know their limits. While Tobias and Blissbug (who other players call a demon horse) played with like wild fire, Ari and Vale played with more grace but both need more experience since they are still young. The other players call Ari and Vale “Poetry in Motion.” Hence, they nicknamed Ari “The Poet.”

During Ari’s fifteenth year, his maternal grandparents visited along with Thomas, his mum’s old boyfriend. Ari nicknamed them the dark side of Greenpeace. After a few days of unpleasantries with them hinting about how his mum sold out, Ari saw the first sign of his father’s dissatisfaction about the matter. The signage in the foyer which always had note about the family’s schedule and a note about that evening’s culinary adventure had been replaced by the results of his father’s annual physical. While it pleased Ari to know that his then 38 year old dad had perfect test results and had only a physical age of a man in his early twenties, he didn’t understand why they were posted until breakfast that morning.

While Ari ate his eggs and toast in front of a barrage of scrutiny from three Vegans and his mum arguing that it was all free range and necessary for a growing child, his father laid his paper down and laid into them.

“Yes, my children and I eat meat, free range, organic and delicious.” Father hoisted his breakfast of eggs and sausage.

“For your information, I realize that I inherited my wealth and position. In the House, I can enact significant changes. My actions have earned respect.” Tobias stood up. “As to environmental protection, New Forest is now protected lands. That’s 150 square miles of forest protected because I pushed legislation using a position that you feel I shouldn’t have. The surrounding cities are enacting recycling programs because of the influence of your daughter, Lady Wentworth. She helped put together an animal rights and a spay/neuter program. Before you presume anything, you need to look at the facts.”

Just then the Marge, our cook, brought out a plate of fruit. The darker side of Greenpeace sneered. “Pembry employees are among the highest paid domestics in the country.” Marge nodded. “While you shop at Wal-Mart with half of its goods made in China whose workers get paid less than two dollars a week and work in slave conditions, I voted to keep the Chinese trade embargo for another ten years.”

He pointed at mum’s parents. “If you don’t stop berating my wife, your Birkenstocks can walk you out the door.” Then he turned to Thomas. “She’s my wife. You’d do well to remember that.”

Thomas looked up at Tobias. “Are you threatening me?”

Ari’s father bowed up. “Yes, I am.”

No one expected the Quiet Earl to lay down the law but such was done and all obeyed. Peace and respect permeated the home.

Later that day, Tobias took Ari to New Forest. Walking through the lush green forest filled with birds and other wildlife reminded Ari of the enchanted forest in Legend. Soon they spotted a herd of wild ponies indigenous to the region. “Though you don’t have to work for your position in the House of Lords, what you do with it is what counts. You can make a difference if you choose to. You have the capability.”

“Really,” Ari asked.

His dad nodded. “You’re like me, good at politics and debate which makes you perfect for it.”

Until then, Ari hadn’t put much thought into his career. Not only had he witnessed his father at breakfast but he saw tapes of him debating in the House successfully. At that moment, he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps because he recognized those abilities in himself. “I agree.”

“I’m glad you chose politics. Otherwise, it could be bad.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re good at certain things but when it comes to any trade skills like fixing things or cooking and such, really bad things happen.” Tobias patted Ari’s shoulder. “That is if you inherited any of it from me.”

“But we both use computers,” Ari countered.

“Using your computer or driving the car is fine but if it breaks don’t try to fix it. Bad things happen.”

During this time in Ari’s life, he realized that his father gradually spent more time with the family because he could because of the progression of computer technology which allowed him to take care of business remotely. After that he became closer to his father by joining him in his morning run and soccer practice even though he didn’t care for soccer.

Not long after, Ari gained a serious girlfriend who started out as just a study buddy. Being from India, she suffered through prejudice. One day Ari caught some of the bullies picking on her calling her a “Packi” which was the most demeaning word for an Indian around. Despite Ari asking him repeatedly to leave her alone, the bullies wouldn’t. “What’cha gonna do about it?”

“Your actions will decide my appropriate counter measure or are you too stupid to understand?”

The bully shoved his girlfriend aside. Seeing that, Ari snapped and punched him square in the chest. Not only did the bully fall to the floor, it knocked the wind out of him. Because of this unexpected result, Ari grabbed his girlfriend and left.

Milts, Filts and Other Things That Drive Ari to His Happy Place

Not long after his seventeenth birthday, Ari looked forward to Christmas and starting Oxford ahead of his class because of his diligent studies. However, one thing disturbed him of recent. At his rather grand party celebrating his seventeenth year, he overheard some rumors about his mum and dad. Lady Violet DeBerg spread rumors that she and his father were set to be married but that he had to marry Catherine because she got herself pregnant to snare Tobias. Though none of the DeBergs attended the party, their friends shared the same social circle as the Wentworths albeit in Birmingham and hence enabled them to spread rather nasty rumors. Ari knew that Violet and Tobias were an item and some other society lady before Violet from comments made by his mother. Being the curious teenager, Ari researched the dates and found that he in fact was born very healthy six months after his parents’ wedding. After school Ari went to his mum’s shop to research.

“How was school?”

“Fine mum,” Ari replied as he went to the back for some water.

Catherine followed her son. Seeing his distant eyes, she brushed back some of his curls. “What’s wrong?”

“You and father got married just because of me.”

“Oh so you found the marriage announcement.” She knew he did the math when he slowly nodded. “Your father and I eloped two years before but didn’t tell anyone.” She watched her son roll his eyes. “I was on vacation and bumped into your father. Time stopped for both of us. Our hearts beat faster and something came over us. We both just knew.”

Ari swigged some more water. “Love at first sight is bullocks. Plus I don’t see father just bumping into someone and striking up a conversation. I know how he is.”

“There were extenuating circumstances and both of us thought love at first sight didn’t exist either.” Catherine sat next to him. “It took us weeks to figure out if it was simply lust or love. I could hardly separate the two since your father is the maestro of multiples.”

“Maestro of mult….,” Ari muttered in confusion. As he realized what she meant, his eyes widened. “Awww mum, you can’t say such things, especially to me.”

“Well I am the product of hippy parents so I’m all about discussing anything. Sex is not dirty. It’s natural. We’ve always taught you that.” Catherine squeezed Ari’s shoulder. “I don’t know why you feel the need to hide the fact that you and Dhara have been intimate for the past year.”

“Mum!” Ari paled in sheer terror. For the past year, they had been so discreet since her parents would forbid their relationship if they knew things got physical. Since the local chemist would recognize him, he bought condoms online. “Wait, how did you know?”

“You may have your own bank account but you are a minor so I get your statements which include your check card.” She smiled mischievously. “You and her studying in your room and you both glowing afterwards, I know all about it.” Then Catherine pointed to the computer. “Not to mention, I checked the browser history on your laptop.”

“Mum, you invaded my privacy.” Abruptly, Ari started pacing. “I can’t believe this.”

“I’ve only done it twice. Your father and I wanted to make sure you weren’t up to anything crazy that’s all. I mean if we saw websites about sex with animals or something, we would take you in for therapy but your porn was normal.” She rubbed his cheek. “When I saw that you were checking out websites about how to improve your partner’s orgasms and give her more, I was very proud, especially since you were just starting out.”

Ari’s stomach churned. “I can’t handle this conversation.” He grabbed his book bag and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?”

“The park to hang,” he replied. “I’ll be back in an hour.”

As Ari approached some of his friends, he heard a conversation that once more started pushing him over the edge. “Ari’s mum…yeah I wouldn’t mind shagging her.”

That’s me mum…me mum! Ari decided to hang with some of his friends of the female variety. At least, they had class or so he thought. In the middle of the passel of girls, he saw the ebony hair of his girlfriend. “Why didn’t you tell us Ari’s father was such a hottie? I mean he looks like his older brother or something.”

Since he couldn’t deal, Ari went to the car and awaited his mum while he listened to his IPod and read homework. This put him in his happy place. At least I can drive. If he had been born after 1993, he would have had to wait until the age of 18 to get a license.

That evening Ari’s nightmare continued after dinner while he studied next to his sister in the breakfast nook. His father walked in and turned down the music. “That New Year’s party you wanted to attend with your friends is all set. We have two rooms near the club, one for the girls and one for the boys.”

Ari beamed at his father’s words. “Thank you,” he said.

“Your mother and I will chaperone.”

“What,” Ari said.

“You didn’t think you and your mates were going to a concert in London overnight by yourselves, did you?” Tobias watched his son tap his head on the table. “Your friends seem to like us.”

“That’s the problem.” Ari put his earplugs on and zoned out.

Tobias joined his wife in the living room. “What is wrong with that boy?”

“I talked to him about sex today and he wigged out.” Catherine painted one more coat of red onto her toe nails.

“Dearest, don’t traumatize the boy. You’ll turn him into a nutter. We’ve had enough of those in the family.” Catherine looked at him sharply. “My great Uncle John talked to an invisible ostrich named Blair, quite entertaining at parties actually.”

“Don’t worry about Ari. He just tunes out for a little while when something bothers him. What were you talking to him about?”

Tobias massaged his wife’s shoulders. “I told him we were chaperoning his New Year’s outing. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Killers.”

And so life continued for Ari who dealt with having a Milts and a Filts. He researched and found they actually were married two years prior like his mum said.

During Ari’s first year at Oxford his girlfriend Emily moved in with him in a small flat the family owned near Oxford. Though she wasn’t the love of his life, they had similar backgrounds and got along. For their second winter break, Emily wanted to party at raves and such. Ari couldn’t risk being caught because of his future political career and he had no interest in the drug scene so he declined. Instead, he opted to join his family for two months touring Europe.

Not long after his tour started, Emily disappeared four days into winter break which lasts a month. Her friends refused to contact Ari because Emily left the rave with another guy and hopped up on ecstasy. At the end of his tour, Ari returned to hear the news that the police found her purse in a pool of blood and declared her dead two weeks after she disappeared. The Wentworths including Ari were in the mediterranean enjoying a month vacation – witnesses, alibis, etc – no way he could have done it.

That January, Ari came home one night to find Emily alive. She shagged him quite animalistically which excited him. Afterwards, he went to his dresser to get his cell phone and let everyone know she was alive. In the mirror, he saw her change: growing teeth and claws. She leapt at him from behind. In the blink of an eye, he grabbed his silver cricket trophy and plunged it into her neck. Emily exploded into greenish goo. Ari never spoke of this to anyone. After imagining that he killed his demonic girlfriend due to some bad wine that night, Ari decided to complete that semester via computer courses.

A month later or current times, Ari’s father Tobias is introducing the Orphan Bill which allows non traditional families to adopt children with psychiatrist case workers who will follow up for years after on all adoptions . Poorer families can adopt and get subsidies from the state. Even though all those measures will save money (Tobias is highly conservative on finances) Traditionalists are launching a smear campaign (non violent just mudslinging). The opposition accused Tobias of keeping a love nest. In reality, he keeps a tiny studio flat within walking distance of Parliament where he stays three consecutive days a week to keep from driving home (3.5 hrs) like he has for his entire marriage. More importantly, it allowed his family to be raised at Pemby Downs with stability.

Now, the opposition has set their sights on Ari with accusations that he murdered his girlfriend even though Ari could not have possibly done it. Tobias and Catherine both decided to send Ari away for different reasons while Tobias controls these rumors.

And so life continued for Ari taking his mum’s suggestion to get away from it all and learn some practical applications of financing, he decided to test the markets in Atlanta. With the US real estate market down, the Wentworths had a golden opportunity for foreign investment. Catherine tasked her son with purchasing ten homes to possibly renovate a functional modest office building and a factory building to be renovated into condos. Since Ari didn’t know the area, he contacted a local employment agency to hire a personal concierge one month before he was due to go.

The Ad:

Personal Concierge Needed – Pay from $60K to $80K per year. Duties to include but not limited to making reservations, driving (vehicle provided), recommending local services and attractions including nightclubs, booking transportation, procurement of tickets to special events and dealing with any request a employer may have, no matter how strange, relying on an extensive list of contacts with local merchants and service providers including construction. Free trips to England a possibility as well as live in arrangements.

On his way to Heathrow, another car pulled up next to Ari’s cab. Ari felt as if he was being watched so he turned to look at the man in the car next to him. The man stared back at him as if scared and shrieked at the top of his lungs before speeding off. That was his adventure getting to the airport. It sealed his resolve that he made to himself earlier that month.

As Ari made his way to the private chartered flights area since it was cheaper than flying first class with all the extra charges for a few weeks worth of clothes and other items, he saw HER. Time stopped and so did his breathing as he stared in awe at the beauty who he couldn’t determine if she was milado, Indian or a mix of anything; not that such things mattered to him. Once he regained his senses, he realized that she looked sixteen and barely, not to mention surreal. The three years between them meant jail time so he dashed away before she turned in his direction. Plus he figured she might just be one of those figments of his imagination that turn into demons after drinking bad wine.

In the private charter, he relaxed with his homework and IPod in the happy place and recited his new motto to himself: If you ignore the figments of your imagination, they go away.

Arioch Wentworth

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